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The Benefits of Endoscopy

I perform all kinds of breast augmentation procedures at my cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Boston, but I have chosen to specialize in an endoscopic method. Endoscopy is a procedure where a surgeon examines the inside of the body using an instrument with a tiny camera attached (endoscope). Endoscopy increases visibility, enabling me to make very small incisions. While endoscopic techniques…

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Correcting Breast Asymmetry

Breast augmentation patients in Phoenix who come to my practice often have some degree of breast asymmetry, which can create aesthetic issues with regards to their final results. What appears to be a small, or almost unnoticeable asymmetry can be magnified when breasts are made larger with implants, therefore any asymmetry must be seriously analyzed and addressed prior to surgery.…

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Understanding Breast Implant Texture

In my many years of practicing cosmetic surgery in Chicago, I’ve learned a great deal about the importance of breast implant texture. Texture refers to the surface of the implant’s outer shell and it can either be smooth or grainy. Although the role of texture in breast implants is complex (and there are many implications we still do not understand),…

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Evolving With Cosmetic Surgery

Just as plastic surgery techniques and available products evolve to match the progressing needs of patients, so should your plastic surgeon. While it”s crucial for surgeons to master proven surgical techniques, we also need to stay up-to-date on news such as the best options for breast implants. Indiana patients turn to my practice for accurate information on their cosmetic surgery…

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Insurance vs. Aesthetics for Breast Reduction

One dilemma that often comes up for me as a cosmetic surgeon in Portland is the issue of how much breast tissue to remove during breast reduction. Since insurance coverage sometimes depends on a minimum requirement for tissue removal, the challenge then becomes balancing the insurance company’s requirements with optimal aesthetics. This becomes a personal question for the patient, as…

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