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A Closer Look at Eye Rejuvenation

Learn about eyelid surgery from Naples facelift surgeon.

Everyone wants wider, more alert-looking eyes, but as we age the delicate tissues around our eyes sometimes show too much wear, too quickly. Cosmetic Surgery Times recently discussed a multi-step approach to eye revitalization surgeries, but while these strategies are helpful for Naples facial plastic surgery procedures on the lower lids, I think a more thorough discussion of upper eyelid…

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A Lasting & Natural-Looking Facelift Option

At my Boston-area cosmetic surgery practice, I specialize in deep-plane, or high-SMAS facelifts. Although this type of facelift is typically more complex than the standard, more superficial facelift, many patients find that the natural-looking, long-lasting results are worth it. During a deep-plane facelift, the deeper levels of facial tissue are repositioned to more aesthetically pleasing locations, creating a truly comprehensive…

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Flaunt Your Flaws

When I perform cosmetic surgery on my Houston patients, my goal isn’t to make them all look alike or to fit a mold. Overwhelmingly, my patients tell me it’s not their goal to look like somebody else — they simply want to look like better versions of themselves. In the past, plastic surgery patients often wished for the nose or…

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Cosmetic, Plastic, or Reconstructive Surgery?

I often field questions from curious patients at my Chicago cosmetic surgery practice. Popular topics range from skincare products to the subtleties in my job title. Have you ever wondered if there’s a difference between cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery? Or what a doctor means when he calls a procedure “minimally invasive”? Understanding these terms can help you make sound…

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The Best Treatments for Sun Damage

At our cosmetic surgery practice near Palm Springs, one of the most common concerns our patients come in with is sun damage. With more than 300 days of sunshine every year in our region, we’ve honed our expertise. Here are our best picks, both surgical and non-surgical, for treating sun damage: Skin care treatments performed by licensed estheticians can exfoliate…

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