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Male Body Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss

Men tend to build muscle quickly, so after significant weight loss, many men enjoy a better physique to match their healthy new lifestyle. However, after weight loss surgery in San Francisco, areas of loose, sagging skin can be very frustrating for men in particular. This is why I perform post weight loss cosmetic surgery – to help men achieve a…

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Reality Cosmetic Surgery Shows – Good or Bad? (part 1 of 2)

Cosmetic surgery “reality” shows have an immense following – but do they have a positive or a negative influence on the ways the “average” plastic surgery patient sees her procedure and results? Last year, a group of researchers aimed to answer that question, and during their research came to some conclusions that, as a plastic surgeon performing breast enlargement in…

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Having Cosmetic Surgery in a Hospital vs. “On-Site” Procedures

Men and women considering cosmetic surgery in New York including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or liposuction have more options than ever before. But with so many options these days, how do you ensure that you will receive satisfying results? Obviously, your surgeon’s certifications, training and experience are the biggest indicators of good results. But many other factors contribute to a quality…

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Different Approaches to the Male and Female Brow

Upper eyelid surgery in Boston, Massachusetts is getting attention as a rejuvenation option for men as well as women. However, prospective patients should be aware of some important differences in the ways this surgery can affect the appearance, and keep in mind the look they are trying to achieve. Upper blepharoplasty subtly corrects excess tissue of the upper eyelid, reviving…

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The 100-Procedure Mark: How Do We Ensure Cosmetic Surgeons Are Qualified?

Australia is implementing a law that will require plastic and cosmetic surgeons to tell their patients if they have performed a procedure fewer than 100 times. On the surface, this seems like a great start at increasing safety of cosmetic surgery patients. In reality, though, a law like this sidesteps the factors that really separate dependable surgeons from bad ones.…

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