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Quick Comment: Regular People in “Sin City”

Most people associate Las Vegas with excess and glamour. The city is known for catering to all kinds of vices and has a reputation as a place where “anything goes.” However, even in one of the most glamorous cities in the world, the majority of people having cosmetic surgery are just regular folks looking for natural results. Often when I…

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Twice is Nice: 3 Reasons I Offer 2 Consultations Before Surgery

Unlike a lot of other doctors, I provide two consultations prior to performing surgery. Why? My goal is to create a positive experience for patients considering cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas and help them feel completely comfortable with the decision to have cosmetic surgery. Here”s why two is better than one: 1. More Questions, More Answers I”ve found that many…

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Cosmetic Surgery Getting a Bad Rap?

Let’s face it: the images you see in the tabloids and media of bad plastic surgery results can stick with you, and they may taint your view of certain procedures. Sensationalism surrounds the victims of bad cosmetic surgery – think of Joan Rivers or Mickey Rourke and what probably comes to mind is “awful face lift” or “too much BOTOX®.”…

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Do Younger or Older Surgeons Get Better Results?

Recent clinical studies have found that cardiac and emergency surgeons with more experience can dramatically reduce patients’ complication risk. Does the same hold true for surgeons performing cosmetic surgery procedures? It’s hard to say, and what counts as “experience” can be a little tricky to define. I’ve been performing cosmetic plastic surgery for 7 years and have performed thousands of…

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3 Lessons of Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery

You see them every time you reach the checkout stand at the grocery store – celebrities who look great on the covers of magazines like Elle and Cosmo, right next to celebrities whose cosmetic surgery missteps are fodder for the tabloids. You’ve probably asked yourself: What separates the good from the bad? Here are a couple lessons you can learn…

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