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Quick Comment – Can a Face Be "Too Perfect"?

The New York Times recently had an article and slideshow about a “beautification engine” – a program that analyzes photos of people, then alters them to make the people more attractive. You can check out the slideshow of celebrity before-and-after photos yourself, but what I found really interesting was how the engine seemed to downplay the person”s most striking features…

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3 Plastic Surgeon “Types”

Almost every week, I have patients who tells me how grateful they are that I took the time to listen during the consultation; not every Long Island plastic surgeon does that, and it really means something when patients find a doctor who cares. Hearing some of these appreciative comments got me thinking about how surgeons can let their patients down,…

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Plastic Surgeon Training: What’s It All About?

It’s a long road to becoming a board-certified plastic surgeon, and all along the way I learned so much that has proved invaluable in my ability to help my patients every day. Many people are interested in learning more about just what it took for me to become a board-certified New Orleans plastic surgeon. Briefly, here are the major milestones…

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What to Do When “Second Opinions” Conflict

Plenty of New York facial plastic surgery centers will tell you to meet with a few different surgeons before you choose one, and I agree. But what do you do if the surgeons’ recommendations don’t seem to match up? For example, if one surgeon suggests a full-scale face and neck lift as a “must,” and another says all you need…

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