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5 Surgeries for a Bathing Suit Body

As the weather grows warmer you might be thinking about how you’re going to look when you step into your bathing suit or swim trunks. If you’ve taken care to eat right and exercise over the winter months, you may still welcome a little improvement when it comes to showing some skin. Plastic surgeons in Louisiana can offer many women…

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Buyer’s Remorse: Lack of Research Leads to Regret

Over 90% of cosmetic surgery patients polled in a recent study out of the UK had done some research about their procedure. Unfortunately, what most of them failed to do was conduct research about their surgeon. This lack of research has its repercussions – most notably, the study indicates that lack of research was closely linked to poor patient satisfaction.…

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Plastic Surgery iPhone Apps

It’s beginning to seem like everyone has an iPhone. If you’ve had the opportunity to use one, you probably quickly realized that these little gadgets seem to do everything, not all of it exactly “useful.” Well, there are two new apps (applications) that I’ve been hearing about from my patients in Idaho Falls and Pocatello – plastic surgery apps. What…

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The Importance of Fellowships

There’s a lot you can learn in a classroom or in a university lab. Those books and exams are an essential part of any surgeon’s training. But the transition from the world of academia to the operating room requires plenty of real-world, hands-on training. For this reason, fellowships are absolutely crucial for a surgeon who wants to gain experience and…

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Cosmetic Surgery Extremes in the News

It”s a little frustrating how some people in the media portray cosmetic surgery – one minute they”re criticizing all the reasonable men and women out there who choose cosmetic surgery for an enhanced look, and the next minute they”re touting cosmetic surgery as some kind of cure-all. Both of these extremes don”t paint a very realistic picture of cosmetic surgery…

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