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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) – Is It Safe for Children?

As a Champaign plastic surgeon who performs otoplasty, or ear surgery, I’m often asked about the safety of the procedure, especially as it relates to small children. It’s an important question, because protruding ears can be extremely challenging for children, and this procedure can provide much-needed relief. Why Otoplasty? In social settings, children with protruding ears can sometimes be psychologically…

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Finances Stand in the Way of Cosmetic Enhancement

There are many reasons to consider cosmetic surgery – and many reasons to decide against it. One of the most important reasons why people who consider plastic surgery do not ultimately pursue a procedure is finances. According to a recent online survey conducted by Harris Interactive (on behalf of cosmetic treatment web community, interest in cosmetic surgery is rising,…

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Cosmetic Surgery – Private or Public? The Choice is Yours

At my Long Island plastic surgery practice, I treat a wide variety of patients, each of whom has unique concerns, motivations, and goals. While it’s safe to say that, in general, attitudes toward plastic surgery have become more relaxed, I still find that many of my patients are very concerned about privacy and confidentiality. At our office, we understand the…

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The Power of Patient Stories

Plastic surgery is an important decision, one that most people don’t take lightly. So, it stands to reason that patients select their surgeon with great caution and care. On this very Web site, many doctors have posted various guidelines for selecting a surgeon – all of which are useful. But I thought I’d highlight something here that, if available, can…

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What Is a “Top Doc”?

When you’re choosing a surgeon, awards and accolades may be something that you’re looking for. What you may run into – if you are looking at qualified, well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeons – is a “top doc” or “best of” award. It’s impressive. But what does it tell you? What’s interesting, and what you should pay attention to when assessing your…

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