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Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Treatments: Nothing to Hide

There”s no denying that plastic surgery has been and continues to be extremely popular – not just in Louisville. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2009 a total of 1.5 million plastic surgery procedures and 12.5 million cosmetic procedures were performed. In just a little under a decade, the number of cosmetic procedures performed has increased a…

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Cosmetic Surgery After a Breakup?

A recent Washington Post article caught my attention. It discussed post-breakup plastic surgery. The article concerned me for many reasons, most notably the fact that these women were choosing plastic surgery with unrealistic expectations and were doing so during a particularly vulnerable time. If you are in a troubled emotional state and are considering cosmetic surgery in San Diego, here…

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Beating "Bat Wings" with Brachioplasty

After massive weight loss, my cosmetic surgery patients in Dallas have a variety of concerns related to loose, sagging skin. This is certainly apparent on the arms. Hanging skin on the upper arms is sometimes referred to as “bat wings.” My patients are thrilled when they discover that treatment for this common problem is actually quite simple – a procedure…

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Your Prescription for Beauty™

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there’s no such thing as “one procedure fits all.” Each patient will have different anatomy, concerns, expectations and budget, which means what’s right for one patient could be entirely wrong for another. It’s like anything in the medical field; your general practitioner wouldn’t prescribe you medication without taking into concern your individual health, mental…

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Be an Active Decision-Maker

Our society relies a great deal on experts when it comes to making important decisions, but with cosmetic surgery, there is a fine line between a surgeon giving advice and making the decision for the patient. Your surgeon might know everything there is to know about a particular procedure, but he or she cannot know if plastic surgery is right…

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