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3 Tips to Ease Anxiety About Visiting a Periodontist

If you have been postponing a visit to the periodontist’s office, you’re not alone. As a periodontist in Los Angeles, I’ve talked with many men and women who want to improve their smile but fear what it might involve. However, visiting a periodontist can actually be a positive, fear-free and even pain-free experience. Here are some tips to follow: Talk…

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3 Myths (and the Facts!) About Dental Implants

As a periodontist in Los Angeles, I’ve noticed that many of my patients hesitate when I mention the term “dental implant.” The reason? They don’t understand just how simple and effective this option can be. Here are 3 common myths – and the real facts – about dental implants: Myth: A dental implant requires endless rounds of surgery. Fact: It…

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Can Dental Implants Give You a Reason to Smile Again?

The desire for a beautiful smile motivates many men and women in our area to consult with a Beverly Hills periodontist. One of the most common questions that I receive at my practice: “What are my options for replacing a missing tooth?” Whether lost through a sports injury or removed due to an infection, a missing tooth, particularly in the…

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Restoration of Lost Bone & Gum by Bone & Gum Grafting

Gum grafting and bone grafting are two important, but often misunderstood, procedures that play an important role in achieving “The Total Smile.” As a Beverly Hills periodontist, I often find that my patients are unfamiliar with how these procedures can contribute to their overall oral health and attractiveness. For certain patients, bone and gum grafting can be essential. Here”s the…

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Essential Tips for Optimal Oral Health and Gum Care

As a periodontist in Los Angeles, I find that many of my patients are surprised to learn that their gums are not as healthy as they think. Even individuals who brush their teeth routinely and schedule regular dental cleanings may exhibit early signs of gingivitis, such as redness, swelling, or bleeding of the gums. If left untreated, mild forms of…

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