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Sculpting Away Your Gummy Smile

Sometimes I see patients in San Diego who consult a cosmetic dentist not because of problems with their teeth, but because of problems with their gums. No matter how straight or white your teeth are, having a gummy smile can still undermine your confidence. Fortunately, an innovative treatment called laser gum sculpting can correct your gum concerns. I frequently use…

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Gum Bleaching Basics

As a celebrity dentist, I’ve found that many people overlook a common problem when seeking the perfect smile: dark gums. I have treated thousands of people for dark gums using a gum bleaching technique that I developed. My techniques were published in an international periodontics journal and can help you achieve a healthier-looking smile easily. If you’ve been considering a…

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Dental Implants or Veneers? How to Choose

Many of my patients who have damaged or chipped teeth ask about the difference between dental veneers and dental implants in Los Angeles. While both are used to create a healthy and attractive smile, they are recommended for different purposes. Here”s a brief overview: Dental Veneers Veneers are placed on top of the teeth and act as thin shells to…

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Correcting Smoker’s Smile

There’s no question that quitting smoking is difficult. If you’ve achieved this goal, you definitely have something to smile about. However, your dark, discolored smoker’s gums may remain, keeping you from breaking into a full grin when you smile. As a cosmetic dentist specializing in cosmetic gum surgery, I know it’s important to find the procedure – surgical or not…

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What Is Gum Bleaching?

We all know the importance of pearly white teeth – but if you have discolored gums or black gums, you know your smile has lost its appeal. For years, I’ve heard from patients concerned about this disfiguring problem. My solution: gum bleaching. Here is more information about this short, yet highly effective, procedure: Good candidates for this treatment have healthy…

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