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Going Braless After Breast Lift

Dr. Janssen discusses wearing a bra after breast lift surgery in Milwaukee.

The purpose of breast lift surgery is to counteract the effects of age and gravity to give you perky, firm breasts. Failing to wear a bra can contribute to the speed and severity of breast drooping – the reason for considering a breast lift in Milwaukee in the first place. But, once they’ve had a breast lift to counteract these…

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Antibiotics after Breast Augmentation

Dr. Arthur Cambeiro explains the use of antibiotics after breast augmentation in Las Vegas.

If your plastic surgeon prescribes an antibiotic for you to take following your breast augmentation in Las Vegas, don’t let it frighten you. The truth is, the use of an antibiotic after breast surgery is merely a precaution – part of your surgeon’s plan to ensure your safety and health. As my colleague Dr. Mark Freeman explains in his recent…

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Increased Need for Breast Lift with Increased Breast Size?

Breast lift surgeon in Tampa discusses balance between breast lift, size and need for surgery.

“If I have large breasts, am I more likely to need a breast lift later in life?” It’s a question that may be on the minds of many young women, and I’ve heard it from many of my Tampa plastic surgery patients. There’s no easy answer. Each woman responds differently to the aging process. However, every woman will experience some breakdown of…

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Myth Buster: Silicone Implants Won’t Explode at High Altitude

Are homemade skincare products worth it?

The Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters” covers a wide range of topics across the globe, but as a plastic surgeon in Sacramento, one episode that evaluated a myth about breast implants stood out to me. The Myth: Silicone breast implants can explode at high altitude or low air pressure. The Result: They “busted” the myth, proving it inaccurate. They discovered that, when measured…

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“Am I Ready for Breast Enhancement?”: A Healthy Mental and Emotional Approach

Know the physical and emotional factors to help prepare for breast augmentation on Long Island.

Cosmetic surgery is about the mind as well as the body. There are good reasons women describe their breast enhancement as a “total” transformation, but patients also should be aware of the dangers of scheduling surgery without first carefully considering their motivations. As a surgeon performing breast enhancements like breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction on Long Island, I have…

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