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Teen Breast Reduction: To Wait or Not To Wait

To wait or not to wait? This is a critical question when it comes to breast reduction for teens. Many young girls develop large breasts at a young age, which can bring on several concerns such as: Pain in the neck, shoulders, and back Poor posture Difficulty finding clothes that fit Poor body image Inability to participate in certain sports/exercise…

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Breast Reduction and Your Health

I have the pleasure of seeing many happy breast enhancement patients, but I get particular satisfaction from witnessing the transformation that often comes with breast reduction at my Long Island practice. For these women, cosmetic surgery can be life-changing and can lead to dramatically improved physical and mental health. The physical effects of large, pendulous breasts include: Headaches Neck and…

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Anchor (Incisions) Away! Advantages of Short-Scar Breast Lifts/Reductions

I see many women who would like to reshape their breasts or reduce their breast size. In our Louisiana practice, breast enhancement surgery (breast lift or breast reduction) can provide very pleasing results for these women, but, scarring is a common concern. Anchor Incisions One of the most common techniques for breast lifts and breast reductions involves an anchor-shaped incision.…

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Breast Reduction Challenges and How to Plan for Them

With breast reduction, a little foresight is definitely better than even a top-quality “do-over.” With many patients, the biggest difficulty in planning for their procedure is to understand what makes their breasts a particular challenge, and then choose a Beverly Hills area breast reduction surgeon who can address those factors specifically. 1. Symmetry Why it’s a challenge: Genetic causes of…

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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Breast Reduction Surgeon

Most women have no trouble finding a Walnut Creek or Danville area breast reduction surgeon – the difficulty is in finding one who offers results that flatter their body contour. When I’ve talked with women considering breast reduction, I’ve found that sometimes it can be difficult for them to translate their personal priorities – results, cost, and healthy healing –…

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