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Breast Surgery, Tummy Tuck Rank High for Patient Satisfaction

Lexington and Louisville tummy tuck and breast surgery specialist discusses patient satisfaction.

The Web site provides patient reviews of many cosmetic surgery procedures. Among the highest ranking are abdominoplasty and breast reduction surgery. My Louisville and Lexington tummy tuck and breast reduction patients, like all of my cosmetic surgery patients, can achieve excellent results, but it often helps to get a broader perspective. Why do I think these procedures are ranked so…

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Breast Lift vs. Breast Reduction

Breast lift and breast reduction are similar procedures, but they have different objectives. When to Get a Breast Lift Weight fluctuation, pregnancy, nursing and age can lead to what we call ptotic breasts, meaning they sag without support. By removing excess tissue, we can elevate the breast, nipple and areola and restore a balanced, youthful shape. A breast lift is…

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Non-Cosmetic Benefits of Breast Reduction

Ask any one of the Houston plastic surgeons in my area who performs breast reduction surgery and he or she will tell you that a breast reduction can improve your physical appearance. However, I find that many of my patients are equally as thrilled about the non-cosmetic benefits of surgery, including: Improved comfort. Large breasts can cause a number of…

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Breast Reduction or Lift: What’s the Difference?

Patients interested in breast reduction in Indiana often ask me about the differences between breast reduction and breast lift. The primary difference: their goals. Similarities Both procedures share a number of characteristics: Removal of excess tissue Use of vertical or inverted T incisions Reshaping of the breast Repositioning of the nipple and areola Reduction of areola size Differences Breast Reduction…

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Insurance vs. Aesthetics for Breast Reduction

One dilemma that often comes up for me as a cosmetic surgeon in Portland is the issue of how much breast tissue to remove during breast reduction. Since insurance coverage sometimes depends on a minimum requirement for tissue removal, the challenge then becomes balancing the insurance company’s requirements with optimal aesthetics. This becomes a personal question for the patient, as…

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