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Breast Reconstruction Timing

It used to be commonplace for women to wait about a year after their mastectomy before undergoing reconstructive breast augmentation. These days, more Irvine, California breast reconstruction surgeons are offering immediate reconstruction procedures, where mastectomy is followed directly by a second procedure using either breast implants or the patient’s own tissue to reconstruct the look and feel of the natural…

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Breast Reconstruction and Family Support

Breast cancer affects the self-confidence of every woman it touches, but breast reconstruction in California is about regaining your life and your confidence. If you are facing mastectomy, you will need to process a lot of new information and make many important decisions in a short period of time. Like most of the breast cancer survivors I meet with, you…

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Breast Reconstruction: Why or Why Not?

The latest clinical research shows that breast reconstruction after mastectomy has many benefits, but the fact remains that only about 20% of women who lose their breasts to mastectomy choose to undergo breast reconstruction. Why aren”t more women choosing reconstruction? I”d like to explain the benefits of breast reconstruction, and address a number of misconceptions that in my experience cause…

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