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Choosing a Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Most women feel overwhelmed by the many decisions that must be made after a breast cancer diagnosis. Choosing a breast reconstruction surgeon is often one of the most important. In order to help you make this choice, I’ll share a few factors that I consider especially crucial when choosing a surgeon in Newport Beach for breast surgery. To get started,…

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What to Expect During a Breast Reconstruction Consultation

Breast cancer diagnosis leaves women with many questions, plans to make, and decisions to consider. After consultation with doctors and specialists, patients may decide to pursue breast reconstruction. To get the most from their breast reconstruction consultation, women should educate themselves about what they can expect. The primary components of a breast reconstruction consultation at my California practice are: an explanation…

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Breast Reconstruction Using Love Handles?

It is common for many women to have fat deposits underneath the waist and above the hips. While some curse their genetics for these, a recent Johns Hopkins study shows that these “love handles” can be valuable in flap methods of breast reconstruction, particularly in athletic women with little fat on their midsection (read more about it here). Athletic, slender…

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Few Women Choose Breast Reconstruction

The issue of breast reconstruction after mastectomy is one that I find particularly important. It can be extremely valuable for the mastectomy patient and extremely rewarding for the reconstructive surgeon. However, surprisingly few women actually choose to undergo reconstruction, even though legislation requires all insurance policies to cover it. According to a study performed by Alicia Holt, MD, Surgical Fellow…

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Nipple Surgery: A Growing Trend?

Nipples are an important component of the breast, and many women can greatly benefit from increased self-esteem and a healthier body image after corrective nipple surgery. This surgery has been performed for many decades, but is only recently getting increased attention. No Two Are Alike Just as the size and shape of breasts vary, even on the same person, nipples…

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