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Breast Reconstruction: Yes or No?

As a woman and a surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation on Long Island, I know the value of feeling confident about your breasts and body. Although the most important decision for breast cancer patients is what approach they will take to fight the cancer, many women are faced with yet another decision: Do they want to have breast reconstruction…

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Two Commonly Overlooked Elements of Breast Reconstruction

At my practice in Orange County, breast cancer patients who have undergone mastectomy have many options for restoring breast shape. However, many are unaware of the role nipple and areolar reconstruction can play in re-creating natural looking breasts. In fact, these steps are an integral part of the process for women whose nipples were not spared during their mastectomy. Nipple…

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Breast Reconstruction: Know Your Options

Women who are facing reconstructive plastic surgery in Seattle after a mastectomy have many decisions to make. Perhaps one of the most pressing is whether to reconstruct the breast using an implant or natural tissue. Each technique has benefits and drawbacks, so you should thoroughly discuss the advantages and disadvantages with your surgeon. However, the information below can serve as…

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Bravo for the BRAVA® Technique

For years, women have said, “I wish I could just move the fat from my stomach and thighs to my breasts.” Now, you can for breast reconstruction after breast cancer. At our practice, we offer fat-transfer breast reconstruction for Austin patients. Our newest team member, Dr. Amy Bekanich, uses the BRAVA + AFT (Autologous Fat Transfer) approach developed by Dr.…

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When is the “Right” Time for Breast Reconstruction?

Breast cancer treatment is a difficult time for many women, and deciding when to have breast reconstruction is not at the forefront of every patient’s mind. I try to give each patient I see for breast reconstruction in California personal advice to help determine the right time for her surgery. Women have two options for breast reconstruction, and deciding which…

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