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Going Braless After Breast Lift

Dr. Janssen discusses wearing a bra after breast lift surgery in Milwaukee.

The purpose of breast lift surgery is to counteract the effects of age and gravity to give you perky, firm breasts. Failing to wear a bra can contribute to the speed and severity of breast drooping – the reason for considering a breast lift in Milwaukee in the first place. But, once they’ve had a breast lift to counteract these…

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Increased Need for Breast Lift with Increased Breast Size?

Breast lift surgeon in Tampa discusses balance between breast lift, size and need for surgery.

“If I have large breasts, am I more likely to need a breast lift later in life?” It’s a question that may be on the minds of many young women, and I’ve heard it from many of my Tampa plastic surgery patients. There’s no easy answer. Each woman responds differently to the aging process. However, every woman will experience some breakdown of…

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Choose the Procedure That’s Right for You

Liposuction before pregnancy?

Your personal goals and body type determine what kind of breast augmentation or breast lift in Milwaukee is best for you. Sometimes, though, I find women come in for an initial consultation thinking that they need an augmentation, when in reality they could most benefit from a breast lift, or vice versa. I work with these patients carefully to ensure they…

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3 Benefits of Combining Breast Augmentation & Lift

I see many patients who are unsure whether they need a breast augmentation or breast lift. Though some women can clearly benefit from one or the other, there are several compelling reasons for combining the procedures into a single surgery. Cost: Financing and payment are important considerations for every patient considering elective surgery. Because cosmetic procedures are not generally covered by…

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Losing Weight Before Breast Reduction

I encourage my patients who are planning to lose weight to takes off the extra pounds before having breast reduction surgery in Indiana. Breast reduction can genuinely enhance patients” quality of life, allowing them to become more active. However, it”s best to be at a stable, healthy weight before any surgery, since it”s difficult to predict how future weight loss…

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