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When Is It Time for Breast Augmentation Revision?

Year after year, breast augmentation reigns supreme as the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States. At my plastic surgery practice, my associates and I perform hundreds of breast augmentations annually. Although the overwhelming majority of these patients won’t experience any complications, revisionary surgery might be necessary for some. If you’ve undergone breast augmentation surgery, you might have wondered which…

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Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation: Does it Work?

One of the main concerns among women who come to my Illinois practice for breast augmentation is the recovery. Some are juggling work or raising young children, and they’re worried about being sidelined for a week or more. They’re intrigued when they hear about rapid recovery breast augmentation, of course, but are worried it’s a marketing gimmick. It’s not. The…

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The Benefits of Placing Breast Implants Under the Muscle

When we perform breast augmentation near Palm Springs at our practice, we usually recommend that our patients have their breast implants placed under the pectoralis muscle (submuscular placement). A recent study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® found that submuscular placement significantly reduces the incidence of capsular contracture (hardening of scar tissue). One of the most common reasons for breast augmentation…

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3 Tips for After Breast Surgery

I have been performing breast surgeries such as breast augmentation on Long Island for many years, so I’ve heard more tips than I can count about recovery. There’s lots of great advice out there, and you should always follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully, but I find the best advice to be the simplest. Here are 3 of my top tidbits…

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The Shape & Size of Breast Asymmetry

All women possess a degree of breast asymmetry, but it’s typically not noticeable to others. Sometimes, a drastic unevenness between a patient’s breasts will warrant cosmetic surgery. When I perform breast augmentation for Brooklyn, Staten Island, and other New York patients, I often bring the breasts into a better balance while adding volume. Two of the most important factors for…

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