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A Synergistic Approach to Surgery

As a team of experienced physicians, we offer something special for our plastic surgery patients in Austin that we encourage all patients around the country to seek when they are looking for a doctor. Cooperation is such an important part of what makes a surgical practice great. From the moment our patients first contact us, we take a team approach…

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The Benefits of Endoscopy

I perform all kinds of breast augmentation procedures at my cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Boston, but I have chosen to specialize in an endoscopic method. Endoscopy is a procedure where a surgeon examines the inside of the body using an instrument with a tiny camera attached (endoscope). Endoscopy increases visibility, enabling me to make very small incisions. While endoscopic techniques…

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The Joy of Breast Implants

Women who visit me with questions about getting breast implants in La Jolla know they want to increase the size or improve the appearance of their breasts. Even those who have made it to the point of consulting a plastic surgeon, though, often still ask me, “Are implants worth it?” The results of a recent study answer that question with…

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Which Breast Implants Are Safest?

Most of our breast augmentation patients at our Austin, TX and Round Rock, TX plastic surgery practice want to know what the safest implants are. We reassure them that both silicone and saline implants are very safe when the surgery is performed by board-certified specialists. Breast implants are not designed as lifetime devices, but in most cases there are few…

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Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation

Many of my clients come to me with concerns about their breast enhancement results looking or feeling unrealistic. One option for breast augmentation at my Lafayette practice west of Baton Rouge is a fat transfer procedure. This method uses your own tissue to enhance your breasts. Here’s what you need to know: Are You a Candidate? For a successful fat…

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