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Which Breast Augmentation Incision Is Best?

Which incision location is best

When I perform breast augmentation, I offer my Dallas area patients 3 incision types, and they usually want to know which is best. The truth is that there is no single choice that is better than another; rather, the question should be which incision is best for which patient. The choice depends on a number of factors which are discussed during…

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Natural Breast Augmentation With Sientra® Implants

Breast augmentation with Sientra implants for natural results

A lot of the patients who come to see me for breast augmentation in the Tacoma and Seattle area want to know which breast implants will look the most natural. Although different options work best for different patients, Sientra’s shaped silicone implants are commonly chosen due to a number of benefits: A natural look: Sientra implants come in round and…

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Breast Augmentation Checklist: Planning Your Surgery

Chicago plastic surgeon shares the do's and don't's when preparing for your breast augmentation surgery.

I have been performing breast augmentation for years, so I’m well aware of the many factors that go into planning a surgery. My own planning involves getting to know my patient, surgical preparation, and paperwork, but patients also have a lot to keep track of. Here is a handy checklist you can use if you’re planning a breast augmentation procedure:…

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Picturing Breast Enhancement: The Value of Photo Galleries

Albany, NY plastic surgeon talks about the value of photo galleries when picturing your breast augmentation.

One of the best ways a patient interested in breast enhancement can get satisfying results is to show her plastic surgeon pictures of the look she wants. During consultations, I often point patients to my breast augmentation photo gallery of past Albany-area patients who got breast implants so we can look over photos together and discuss things that stand out.…

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Helping Your Breast Implants ‘Settle’

Breast augmentation recovery tips

After a patient gets breast implants, especially when they are placed under the chest muscle, the implants usually appear too high for a short time before they “settle” into a more natural-looking position. Some of my breast augmentation patients in the Bay Area have asked me whether there is anything they can do to speed this process along. Here are…

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