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Standard Tummy Tuck vs. Vertical-Incision Tummy Tuck

Lately there”s such a push for mini and minimally-invasive procedures that often you don”t hear much about the more intensive options like “vertical-incision abdominoplasty” that some patients need. For surgeons who perform a fair amount of post-weight-loss cosmetic surgery, this abdominoplasty technique can be an appropriate method to address larger amounts of excess tissue and loose skin, especially in the…

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Male Tummy Tuck – Facts on Abdominoplasty for Men

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) for men involves all the same steps as the procedure for women, but men often have very different goals for this type of procedure than women do, so they require a specific approach. At my Orange County, California plastic surgery offices, I treat a number of male patients each year with treatments ranging from BOTOX® Cosmetic to…

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Tummy Tuck for Post Weight Loss Patients: Which Approach?

Weight loss is a big accomplishment, but sometimes patients who have lost a large amount of weight need extra help to reach their goals. Significant weight loss often leaves behind loose, flabby areas in typical “problem spots” like the lower and upper belly, hips, flanks, and thighs. In the lower abdominal area, particularly, loose skin and muscles can create an…

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No Drain Tummy Tuck – An Effective Procedure Gets an Upgrade

At our Denver plastic surgery practice, we always advise patients to be wary of any procedure described as “the latest innovation,” or “state of the art.” This is often no more than slick marketing designed to generate interest in a device or a procedure that may or may not provide improved results for the patient. However, occasionally advances are made…

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The Big 3: Top Causes of Belly Flab

A flat tummy is an important goal for many women and men trying to tone up for summer, but unfortunately for many, a stubbornly “flabby” belly can impede self-confidence and restrict their enjoyment of their favorite activities. Belly flab has a variety of causes, so if your current tummy-flattening attempts do not seem effective, it may be time to take…

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