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Using Liposuction to Highlight Your Body

Many people come into my office with a clear idea of how they would like to look after surgery, but they are often confused about how to get there. A popular trend these days is the desire to have fuller or more pronounced buttocks. People often think that implants will create the results they want, but what they actually need…

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Liposuction: Shortcut or Beneficial Tool?

I’ve noticed a trend in popular media to impose some level of shame on people who have undergone cosmetic surgery. While I don”t recommend the excessive use of surgery to significantly alter a person”s appearance, my patients have had great success with procedures such as liposuction in the Seattle area. Especially for people who follow a healthful diet and exercise…

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Are You a Candidate for Liposuction?

In general, there are two main groups of people who seek and are helped by liposuction at my Champaign, IL, and Bloomington, IL practices. While the main purpose is to improve their appearance and contours, the first group is in their normal or near-normal weight range and the second group is above their normal weight or overweight. Both groups are…

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Minimum or Maximum Results: You Decide

Advances in surgical techniques have paved the way for minimally invasive procedures for liposuction in San Jose. When choosing the appropriate procedure for you, it’s important to consider your body composition and your personal goals, and to explore all of your options. Here are some of the most popular choices of my patients: Tumescent Liposuction: This traditional liposuction method includes…

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It’s a New Year and Time for a New You

If you’re like most people, you make the same resolution every year: diet and exercise, diet and exercise, diet and exercise . . . This may be the year to consider a new way of obtaining a slimmer, trimmer, better-sculpted body – such as tumescent liposuction in Atlanta. Why Exercise Isn’t Enough There’s a reason those last few pounds are…

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