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A Liposuction Alternative That Works

If you’ve been thinking about body contouring, there are more “liposuction alternatives” available now than ever before. Liposuction is still a tried and true cosmetic surgery procedure, but certain alternative procedures can offer real advantages for my patients. Case in point: BodyTight®. This alternative to liposuction is available at my Philadelphia practice, and in fact, I personally developed this laser…

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2 Tips for Shapelier Liposuction Results in Houston

Healthy liposuction should enhance – not “erase” your shape. When I meet with Houston liposuction patients to discuss their goals for their procedure, most of them are concerned with “getting rid of” certain problem areas. Realistically, this is the starting point for most plastic surgery patients, but while a good plastic surgeon will identify problems compassionately and honestly, the main…

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High-Tech Liposuction: Laser versus Ultrasonic Approaches

Seattle plastic surgery patients who are looking into liposuction for the first time may be confused by their options. The latest high-tech Seattle liposuction options use laser or ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells, and may allow for a faster recovery. While both of these approaches can be effective for typical trouble spots such as the belly, hips, thighs, and…

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Shoulder Liposuction – Really the Next Hot Trend?

A few recent news stories suggest that celebrities like Madonna and Keira Knightley are sporting one of the hottest new looks: ultrathin shoulders. Allegedly, more than a few women are using liposuction to slim their shoulders for this “celebrity” look. But as a plastic surgeon performing liposuction in Las Vegas, I can tell you that this kind of celebrity-inspired trend…

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