A Comprehensive Approach to Cancer Care

cancer treatment alternative

After years of watching conventional methods of care fail, the doctors at EuroMed in Phoenix advocate for a cancer treatment alternative that is more comprehensive. Instead of just targeting cancer cells, we combine methods to address other related health concerns by, for instance, boosting patients’ immune systems or supporting their livers. Here are some of the complementary care methods that we think are best for cancer patients.

Intravenous Vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been understood to be particularly hostile to cancer cells. But the amount needed to fight cancer is too great to be taken orally without undesirable side effects. To avoid these side effects, large doses of vitamin C can be administered intravenously to neutralize toxins and support the patient’s immune system. IV vitamin C is an excellent complementary therapy for those undergoing insulin potentiation therapy or traditional chemotherapy.


As the first supplement to be OK’d by the FDA for use in a cancer study, Poly-MVA® has a bright future ahead of it. This compound is often used in tandem with IPT because it effectively bridges the gaps in treatment without adding side effects. Its powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids hurts cancer cells and helps healthy cells, repairing damage caused by cancer and chemotherapy drugs. It’s also been shown to increase the rate of remission in many patients.

Liver Extract

No matter where a cancer originates, the liver takes a beating during treatment. Chemotherapy and other drugs, as well as the byproducts of deteriorating cancer cells, all put strain on this important organ. Liver extract reinforces the liver, protects it from additional damage, and even stimulates the immune system, ensuring that your body works harmoniously for the duration of your illness.

Mushroom Extract

Though you may already know about the immunity-friendly properties of the maitake mushroom, the mushroom extract used by the EuroMed Foundation harnesses the power of MGN-3 and AGN mushrooms to kick-start your immune system. The ABM (agaricus blazei murill) mushroom has been used by generations of Brazilian natives to boost longevity. This mushroom stimulates the production of T-cells, vital in warding off cancer and infectious diseases. MGN-3 is created from a mixture of rice bran and mushroom extracts, two key players in immune system support. Who knew a humble fungus could pack such a punch?


Though our bodies produce glutathione naturally, a lack of this antioxidant is sometimes related to the development of cancer. Like all antioxidants, glutathione inhibits the development of free radicals, and free radicals can contribute to cancer. Used alongside traditional chemotherapy, glutathione can protect organs from toxicity and reduce the incidence of long-term side effects.

Because cancers vary so widely from patient to patient, there is no “one size fits all” approach to cancer therapy. Often, treatment is a matter of trial and error—how do you respond to the prescribed approaches? How does your cancer respond? Your doctor can best advise you on conventional treatments, alternative therapies, or a combined approach.

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