Brow Lift and Emotion: Ensuring "Positive" Results from Toronto Cosmetic Surgery

Browlift cosmetic surgery for Toronto residents

How we look affects how people see us, and in recent months a few researchers have given us some interesting specifics on how even small changes to your facial features can dramatically impact what emotions your face communicates. One of the more recent studies by a research group from Yale looked at changes to the brow line, an area that treatments like BOTOX® Cosmetic, brow lift, and other Toronto facial cosmetic surgery procedures can affect.

Facial Features and Apparent Emotion: What We Know

Studies like the one at Yale typically show their participants photos of the same person, digitally edited to adjust the facial features, and ask the participants to identify what the person in the image seems to be feeling.

Not surprisingly, the photos showing someone with low brows or a wrinkled forehead were identified as showing anger or disgust, and saggy eyelids and wrinkles around the eyebrows created a significantly more tired expression. Interestingly, though, very elevated brows were seen as making a person look more, rather than less tired, and the photos that showed the most significant positive changes in mood showed adjustments to the curve, not the position, of the brows.

How This Information Helps You:

Studies like these underscore two important points about facial cosmetic surgery in Toronto:

  • Moderate changes are best: Many people want to see big improvements to their features through a cosmetic procedure, but sometimes less drastic surgeries can produce more desirable results – this is especially true for facial cosmetic surgery. Toronto BOTOX Cosmetic patients, for example, sometimes think that good results need to create a completely smooth skin texture, but in reality a good facial plastic surgeon or nurse injector will know how to place the product so that the patient sees visible changes but still looks natural and retains a bit of the expressiveness that people expect to see. While the results will be less “extreme,” they will also give you a much more natural, approachable, and positive appearance.
  • Great results match your facial features: Especially where a brow lift is combined with eyelid surgery, the line of your rejuvenated eyelid crease needs to match the line of your brows, and vice versa. After healing, you should not be seeing dramatic differences between the curves of your eyelid creases and the larger curve of your brows. While very high brows do emphasize the eyes, they can also communicate negative emotions like tiredness or surprise that compromise the benefits of the procedure. An experienced Toronto facial plastic surgeon ought to be able to work with you to tailor your surgical plan and make sure that your results accurately show who you are – and how you feel.

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