Brow Lift Basics

It’s a common goal most of us share: to look young, regardless of our age. Many patients come to my office interested in facial rejuvenation procedures, such as eyelid surgery in Denver. While eyelid surgery can remove excess skin and fat of the eyelids, many of my patients also experience revitalizing benefits from a brow lift procedure.

Depending on your needs, you may be a candidate for either a mini or endoscopic brow lift. Understanding the difference can help you determine which might be right for achieving your aesthetic goals.

Mini Brow Lift

A mini brow lift is usually appropriate for those who desire a more youthful, refreshed look.   They may experience some laxity in the skin of this area, and some wrinkles and fine lines. To perform a mini brow lift, your surgeon will create incisions along the hairline of the brows. Then the skin is lifted and any excess skin is removed.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic brow lift is perform by making  several incisions behind the hairline and a special scope and instruments are used to elevate the forehead off the bone. Then the brows are repositioned and fixed at a higher level using small screws.  At the Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we prefer the mini-brow lift over endoscopic for several reasons: better longevity, less obvious scars, superior direction of lift to avoid a surprised look, and less discomfort to the patient.

Recovery from either procedure depends on the patient, but in general, mini brow lift patients recover faster than those who have chosen an endoscopic brow lift, because it is not as invasive. If you are curious about brow lift surgery and how the procedure can help improve your facial appearance, talk to a qualified surgeon and see if you are a candidate for either procedure.

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