Is the Nose "Broken" During Rhinoplasty?

One of the most common concerns about rhinoplasty in NYC is whether or not the nose is “broken” during surgery. This procedure is hard to explain, since the answer is both yes and no. Some people, but not all, will need to have their noses reshaped with a surgical bone-sculpting instrument called an osteotome. This tool looks like a fine chisel and is routinely used to:

  • narrow the nose
  • reduce a nasal hump
  • straighten a crooked nose

The osteotome carves the bone into a more pleasing aesthetic shape. This process is very delicate and artful, much like the chiseling of a sculptor. Many people hold the false impression that the nose is broken into several pieces and then patched back together, which is simply not true.

Most nose surgeries are performed under general anesthetic, so the patient will not feel or remember anything during the procedure. If an osteotome is required to remove or reshape pieces of bone, the patient will experience no pain at the time of surgery. Sometimes, however, this step may cause slightly more bruising or a somewhat longer recovery time. Yet, most people find this method often produces the most aesthetically pleasing results. Your surgeon will recommend the most appropriate approach for you based on your individual situation.

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