"Boob Job Bandits" Giving Cosmetic Surgery Patients a Bad Name

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Long Island

Recent media reports have profiled several patients in the US who have received cosmetic surgery under false pretenses, or without paying for it at all. A few women have undergone breast enlargement using fake or stolen ID”s (the so-called “Boob Job Bandits”), and a number of others have received medical spa treatments and then simply left without paying.

As a surgeon performing face, body and breast surgery on Long Island, I am disappointed that people like these – even though they are certainly the exception to the norm – are giving cosmetic surgery a bad name. Millions of decent, upstanding Americans choose procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and face lifts each year. I have performed thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures, and I can tell you that my patients are undergoing cosmetic surgery for healthy reasons, in healthy ways, with healthy results.

Undeniably, the way we look can influence how other people see us, how we see ourselves, and even the kind of job opportunities that are available to us. My patients recognize how these larger factors can influence cosmetic surgery motivations, but for most of them the goal is simple: to look – and feel – normal.

Healthy Goals, Healthy Results

The vast majority of people choosing cosmetic surgery aren”t trying to pull some “get beautiful quick” scheme – they simply want to look healthy and love the body they”re in. For instance, most of my breast augmentation patients want to improve the appearance of breasts that lack volume because of changes associated with aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or genetics. Many of my Long Island breast enlargement patients want to achieve a more flattering shape, and when I meet with them for their first consultation, I make it clear that social pressure or someone else”s desires should not be the main motivation for surgery.

While some women who schedule a consultation with me are interested in breast augmentation because they think larger breasts will help them correct serious problems with their life situation or the way they see themselves, I advise these women to think hard about their motivations I end up turning away an occasional patient who seems physically or emotionally unhealthy. A woman who lacks stability in her life, or who does not seem to recognize the limitations along with the benefits of cosmetic surgery will not be happy with her results.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do I interact with others positively and enjoy an emotionally stable life?
  • Do I understand why I want to undergo this procedure?
  • Have I done my research and spoken with past patients to be sure I know what kind of results to expect?

For the millions of women and men who are helped by cosmetic surgery each year, these procedures can provide a whole new outlook and improved quality of life.

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