Breast Solutions After Pregnancy

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As one of the plastic surgeons in Pennsylvania specializing in body contouring, I work with a lot of moms who want to improve their bodies after having children. Any woman who has experienced pregnancy can tell you that your body changes dramatically. The breasts are particularly influenced by pregnancy, and especially by breastfeeding. The 3 procedures I recommend to restore the breasts after pregnancy are:

  • Breast augmentation: Breast implants are used to enhance breast size and volume. Many women are surprised that their breasts lose fullness after breastfeeding, and they no longer fill out their pre-pregnancy clothing. By performing breast augmentation, I can restore lost volume and give the breasts a fuller, shapelier appearance.
  • Breast lift: Rapid fluctuations in breast size during pregnancy may cause the skin to stretch and can result in breast sag. A breast lift brings the breasts back to their original position so that they sit higher on the chest wall. The nipple position can also be improved to rest in a more attractive location. I frequently combine a breast lift with breast augmentation for women who want a better breast shape and enhanced volume.
  • Breast reduction: Although many women choose to have a breast reduction before having children, others benefit from a breast reduction after starting a family. Breast reduction surgery not only makes the breasts lighter and reduces the painful symptoms associated with large breasts, but it also improves breast shape, which many women struggle with after having children.

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