Increased Need for Breast Lift with Increased Breast Size?

Breast lift surgeon in Tampa discusses balance between breast lift, size and need for surgery.

“If I have large breasts, am I more likely to need a breast lift later in life?” It’s a question that may be on the minds of many young women, and I’ve heard it from many of my Tampa plastic surgery patients. There’s no easy answer. Each woman responds differently to the aging process. However, every woman will experience some breakdown of breast tissue due to factors such as weight loss or breastfeeding, aging, and gravity. As the tissue loses elasticity, breasts droop and sag, giving them a flat and elongated appearance. This will happen to women even if they have small breasts.

So, rather than pointing to a direct cause/effect relationship between breast size and breast sagging, what I can do is discuss how my breast lift patients in Tampa may have special concerns related to their large breast size.

The results of a breast lift are not permanent. Eventually, gravity will cause the breasts to droop and sag as they did before. It often seems that the speed and severity with which this occurs can increase for women who have larger breasts. For this reason, many women with large breasts choose to combine a breast reduction with their breast lift.

Although I cannot say with absolute certainty that larger breasts will definitely cause increased sagging, I can suggest that large breasts have other concerns that are more clearly defined. These include back, neck and shoulder pain, rashes, and unwanted attention. So, although large breasts are not a promise of increased sagging, they can be the cause of significant discomfort. For this reason, many younger women consider a breast reduction before they are in need of a breast lift.

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