Breast Reduction Scars: 6 Things You Should Know

When I consult with women from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills about breast reduction, I tell them to expect some scaring initially. However, patients can help minimize scarring after surgery if they take certain precautions and understand why breast scarring occurs.

Here are 6 important facts that should help as you begin to develop your expectations and plan for a healthy recovery from a Los Angeles breast reduction procedure:

  1. Scarring depends a lot on inherited characteristics like your weight, ethnicity, and the condition of your skin. However, you can minimize scarring by maintaining healthy diet and exercise habits, which encourage skin to regenerate.
    The main characteristics that help minimize scarring include:

    • Younger patient age
    • Active lifestyle
    • Good nutrition and skin health (especially avoiding substances like cigarettes, which prevent healing)
  2. Scarring also depends partly on the surgeon. A highly talented breast reduction surgeon should have the experience to take a gentler approach, and devote the time to stay informed about new techniques that limit scarring. Board certification and involvement in ongoing research are two important indicators of a high quality surgeon.
  3. Scars vary in shape according to the doctor’s surgical approach. An experienced surgeon generally can offer different options that will minimize or hide the appearance of scars depending on your physique. For instance, liposuction or laser technologies used in conjunction with breast procedures can minimize scarring in different ways.
  4. “No-scar” procedures are not right for everybody. No-scar breast reduction in Beverly Hills removes excess breast fat using liposuction. This procedure can be very effective for moderately oversized breasts that do not sag significantly, but it cannot correct nipple position, oversized breast glands, or excess skin.
  5. Scars will change over time. Scars generally fade and smooth in the first months after surgery, but if you pick up unhealthy habits like heavy smoking or excessive sun exposure, your scars may begin to look less healthy along with the rest of your skin. Consistent, healthy nutrition and skin care can help ensure less visible scars in the long term.
  6. Responsible patients get better results. Following your surgeon’s directions faithfully can make all the difference in the size and appearance of your Los Angeles breast reduction scars. The healing process is different for each patient, so do not alter your postoperative care according to a different patient or surgeon’s instructions. Direct any questions about recovery to your surgeon before the procedure.

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