Breast Reduction and Your Health

I have the pleasure of seeing many happy breast enhancement patients, but I get particular satisfaction from witnessing the transformation that often comes with breast reduction at my Long Island practice. For these women, cosmetic surgery can be life-changing and can lead to dramatically improved physical and mental health.

The physical effects of large, pendulous breasts include:

  • Headaches
  • Neck and back pain
  • Deep bra strap grooves
  • An inability to participate in many physical activities
  • Rashes and skin irritation beneath the breast fold

Perhaps as significant as the physical strain is the emotional discomfort that can result from having very large breasts. My breast reduction patients often tell me that they were teased for being over-developed at a young age, that they hide their large breasts under big, baggy clothes, and that they are self-conscious and embarrassed by their breast size, which can attract unwanted attention.

Breast reduction surgery eliminates excess fat, tissue, and skin, lifting and re-shaping breasts to improve proportion. Since there are so many physical ailments attributed to overly large breasts, many insurance plans will cover all or part of the procedure.

Many breast reduction patients feel better almost immediately after surgery. They can stand up straighter, with more comfort and confidence, than they did before the procedure. After recovery, many women take up jogging, aerobics, or other physical activities, and feel more energetic and fit than they have in years. They also report that shopping for more flattering, fitted tops and “normal sized” bras is an added benefit of breast reduction surgery.

In general, my breast reduction patients experience an improved physical and mental state that greatly enhances their quality of life, making this a truly rewarding procedure.

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