Breast Reduction after Bariatric Surgery

Though many blog sites are all about breast enlargement, there are actually thousands of women each year considering breast reduction. If you’re in that camp, the procedure can truly be life-changing and is far beyond “just” cosmetic. It can help young women in their teens who suffer from macromastia (overly large breasts) and also adult women whose large breasts are causing them to feel self-conscious or preventing them from engaging in exercise.

One group that benefits greatly from breast reduction plastic surgery in Houston is women who have lost a significant amount of weight, either through bariatric surgery or through their own diet and exercise program. These women have dropped the weight, but it’s not uncommon for residual pockets of fat to remain in areas such as the breasts, thighs and hips.

Post-Weight Loss Consultation

When I meet with a woman who’s lost the weight, I take the time to review all of her cosmetic concerns. Often, the biggest concern is excess skin on the breasts, abdomen and hips/thighs, which can cause discomfort and “mask” a woman’s weight loss achievement. In these cases, surgical excision of the unwanted skin is necessary to tighten and tone the body shape.

Breast Enhancements Available

When focusing on the breasts, a reduction is often combined with a breast lift, due to the stretching and sagging of the breast skin that often occurs with large breasts. In some cases, a woman may need to combine 3 breast surgeries –a reduction, lift and breast augmentation – to achieve the breast size and shape that she wants. It may seem counterintuitive to both reduce and augment the breasts during the same surgery, but in cases where the existing breast tissue cannot be easily reshaped, women often find that saline or silicone gel implants provide the appearance they’re looking for.

Taking the Next Step

Post-bariatric breast surgery is often just one component of a more comprehensive makeover. If you’re planning to lose a lot of weight or have a bariatric procedure, I encourage you to think about the cosmetic after-effects and talk with a plastic surgeon in Houston who can advise you about the plastic surgery procedures you are likely to need.

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