Breast Reconstruction and Family Support

Breast Reconstruction Orange County, California

Breast cancer affects the self-confidence of every woman it touches, but breast reconstruction in California is about regaining your life and your confidence. If you are facing mastectomy, you will need to process a lot of new information and make many important decisions in a short period of time. Like most of the breast cancer survivors I meet with, you probably understand from your own experience how important it is to have a strong support group that will help you stay grounded and focused through all of these difficult choices.

As an Orange County breast reconstruction surgeon, I have found that the benefits of a positive support system don”t end with mastectomy. Breast reconstruction is one part of your journey toward healing, but women who are planning this procedure can still benefit from the same kind of active, constructive support that was so important before mastectomy.

California Breast Reconstruction Support: Before Surgery

Plastic surgery can have a positive, even life-changing influence on how you look and how you see your body, so a good surgeon will take time to help you formulate a clear idea of your desires, and encourage you to take the time to clarify your goals. Sometimes, just having a friend or family member with you at your consultation can help both you and your surgeon understand your goals and expectations in ways that connect much more realistically with your day-to-day life.

Group consultations with a breast reconstruction surgeon are not right for everyone (or offered by every surgeon), but if you feel that you would benefit from having a friend present, you should make sure that this person is part of your everyday life and can offer constructive perspective. This person should:

  • Make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and positive
  • Understand your motivations for considering reconstruction
  • Be trustworthy to support you in whatever decision you make, without pressuring you toward a specific choice

California Breast Reconstruction Support: After Surgery

Your surgeon will give you specific instructions to follow after you leave his or her surgery center in Orange County. Breast reconstruction recovery takes time, so family or support group involvement can be very important for recovery both physically and emotionally. A caring and resourceful support group can often help out in these areas:

  • Household tasks: You will have to avoid activities like childcare or household tasks until you are farther along in the healing process, so a little help in this area often goes a long way.
  • Safe healing: A conscientious friend can help make sure you take your medication and follow all post-surgical guidelines so you can focus on recovery.
  • Driving: You will not be able to drive for a few weeks, but for many patients a little mobility and change of scenery early on can accomplish a lot to help them recover more comfortably.

Emotionally, family support also can be a huge asset to your recovery from breast augmentation in Orange County, California. Rest is extremely important to help ensure healthy healing and prevent complications, but at the same time, interaction and entertainment are almost equally as vital to help you anchor your emotions and focus on your goals rather than on your surgical site and the healing process itself.

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