Indiana Breast Lift: What You Need to Know

Breast Lift for Indiana Women

“Saggy” breasts have a variety of causes that are not just limited to women with very large breasts – younger women and women with small breasts also can experience this problem. Here are a few quick facts to help clarify the top options for younger patients who are thinking of meeting with a cosmetic surgeon in Indiana to discuss breast lift or another procedure to correct their shape.

What”s the Difference?

Breast sagging is typically caused by either volume loss (typically after pregnancy or weight loss), or stretching of the skin due to age or breast weight. With patients over 50, thinning skin is often a major factor – if not the main cause – of breast sagginess, but for younger patients other factors often play a more important role.

Specifically: for younger patients, breast shape and volume are often the primary problem, while sagginess may be only the most obvious (and frustrating) secondary result of this larger concern. Typical volume problems that create sagginess for young women include:

  • Excess breast volume: Heavy breasts pull on tissues, causing the breast mound to fall faster and point downward to appear much “older,” much sooner.
  • Smaller breast volume: Family traits and breastfeeding can both contribute to smaller breast size, and weight fluctuations can add to the problem. Smaller volume often gives the breasts a deflated look that may contribute to an appearance of sagginess even if the breast position is fine.
  • Tuberous breasts: Tuberous breasts usually develop early in a woman”s life. Characteristics include an elongated and saggy breast shape, often with an enlarged nipple area. This condition may be mild, moderate, or severe.

Making the Right Choices: Position vs. Shape

For excess breast volume, a good breast-enhancement cosmetic surgeon in Indiana should be able to integrate breast reduction and lift together to remove the tissue and create a smaller, more dense breast mound. For smaller breast volume and tuberous breasts, however, the surgeon needs to evaluate whether the position or the shape of the breast is more of a concern, and whether a change to one of these characteristics through breast implants or Indiana breast lift will also improve the other.

Combination Approaches: What You Need to Know

Combination breast augmentation and lift is a technically demanding procedure because it addresses both the shape and the position of the breast, but with the right surgeon it can often achieve exceptional results for patients with moderately or severely sagging breasts. For younger patients, however, I often find that the combination approach is unnecessary because breast implants alone will often be sufficient to correct the appearance of minor breast sagginess.

While breast augmentation does not address breast position directly, it can often give the illusion that the breasts are “perkier” because the added volume creates a new, higher center-point for each breast. Also, a very slight level of sagginess often helps create a more natural-looking result, especially for women over the age of 30.

As with any procedure, age, health and fitness, personal goals, and emotional readiness are all very important, so you should research your options thoroughly before your discuss your goals with your doctor.

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