Breast Surgery for Younger Women: When Is Too Soon?

is breast lift on Long Island right for young women?

There’s a big trend right now for younger women to consider cosmetic surgery procedures like breast reduction and even breast lift much earlier on than they used to, but sometimes it’s just not the best idea to catch a cosmetic concern too early on. Here are two of the big ideas I’ll discuss with younger breast reduction candidates who ask me whether it’s “too soon” for surgery:

1. Discomfort vs. Development: You want to avoid the pain and awkwardness of having large, saggy breasts, but you also don’t want to have to get extra surgery if you don’t need it. If I have a patient who is under 18 and whose breasts are only moderately oversized and saggy, I’ll probably suggest putting off Long Island breast lift and/or reduction surgery until her breasts have finished growing. I’ll make an exception for a patient who has severely oversized breasts, but only if it’s a real quality-of-life issue.

2. Sexy Shape vs. Family in the Future: Many of my patients want breast reduction and lift so they’ll feel sexier and their breasts won’t look “older” than the rest of their body. But if you’re planning on having children, your enhanced breast shape can begin to sag again. Women who are thinking of starting a family have to decide if it’s more important to be able to enjoy the shape they want now, or to delay their procedure until after their pregnancies. Usually there isn’t a “right” or a “wrong” choice on this issue; it’s more a question of what fits your plans and falls in line with your goals for your breast shape.

I’d definitely recommend talking both of these issues over with your Long Island plastic surgeon in detail; this will help you find out what you can expect in the long term, and hopefully give you the information you need to make the right choice.

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