Helping Your Breast Implants ‘Settle’

Breast augmentation recovery tips

After a patient gets breast implants, especially when they are placed under the chest muscle, the implants usually appear too high for a short time before they “settle” into a more natural-looking position. Some of my breast augmentation patients in the Bay Area have asked me whether there is anything they can do to speed this process along. Here are some tips that can help you “get settled” after your breast augmentation surgery:

  • Wear surgical garments as instructed. All surgeons have their personal favorites when it comes to what garments seem to work best to help settle implants. Some surgeons have their patients wear surgical bras, while others wrap bandages or elastic garments around the chest to push down on the top poles (the part of your breasts above the nipples). All of these work well, so the best advice is to follow your surgeon”s lead and use whatever he or she recommends.
  • Perform self-massage. Massage often helps to settle implants, because you are physically manipulating the top poles instead of waiting for gravity to take effect. A typical massage routine would be to start at the top of the breasts and slowly manipulate the implants downward, 4 to 5 times a day.
  • Be patient. I know this tip is the last thing that many women want to hear, but honestly, it takes time for the breasts to settle, especially when the implants are placed under the chest muscle. This placement cause the muscle to contract, but over time, the muscle will begin to relax. It”s important to note that it does take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for the implants to fully settle and for you to see the final results.

It’s only natural to want to see the full results of your breast augmentation as soon as possible, and these tips can help you during your recovery process.

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