Breast Implants: What’s Normal?

After receiving breast implants in Chicago, you will undoubtedly notice that your breasts look and feel different. But what’s normal, and when should you contact your surgeon? Use this chart as a guide:


  • Being able to “feel” your implants

Feeling as though you have implants is completely normal after surgery. Your chest may also feel swollen for the first few weeks. As time goes on and you become used to your new breasts, you will probably not notice your implants as often.

  • Numbness

Breast or nipple numbness is very common after receiving implants. This sensation usually improves gradually following surgery. It is likely that you will regain most or all of the sensation in several months as your body continues to heal.

  • Coolness to the touch

Implants do not store heat and cold the same way natural breast tissue does, and this is especially true of saline implants. Your breasts will change temperature with the environment, but the change is very slow. Therefore, if you take a cold shower and walk out into the sun, your breasts may still feel cool to the touch for a while.


  • Pain

You will experience some soreness and discomfort after surgery. However, once you have recovered, your breasts should not be painful. If you feel as though your implants are being “squeezed,” you may want to talk to your surgeon about a complication called capsular contracture, which can occur when scar tissue forms around the implant.

  • Rippling

Rippling is more common with saline implants than with silicone ones. It creates a wavy or wrinkled appearance on the surface of the breasts. Although rippling is not usually painful, it is aesthetically undesirable and may be corrected with implant replacement surgery.

  • Hardness

Breast hardness is a common sign of capsular contracture and should be reported to your surgeon. Hardening occurs gradually, so it’s important to be screened regularly to ensure that capsular contracture is not developing.

If you have concerns or questions about your breast implants, you should never hesitate to contact your plastic surgeon. Our job is to make sure that you have a healthy, enjoyable experience so that you can fully enjoy your beautiful new breasts.

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