Breast Implants After Pregnancy

Many women considering breast augmentation in the Bay Area have asked me how pregnancy will affect the way their breast implants look. Although each woman”s physical changes will be different, the good news is that most won”t experience any significant shifts in their appearance. The majority of women return to their pre-pregnancy breast size once they have stopped breastfeeding. If there is a rapid weight gain or weight loss, however, a woman might notice that her breasts will sag. This is not unusual and can be corrected easily with a breast lift in the Bay Area.

Rest assured that the presence of breast implants does not change how your body responds to pregnancy. All regular functions, including milk production, will occur naturally. Breast implants should not affect a woman”s ability to breastfeed, and most women with implants breastfeed successfully.

Stretch marks are a possibility during pregnancy for any woman, regardless of whether or not she has had breast augmentation. Although some women are concerned that breast implants will increase the likelihood of developing stretch marks, there is no evidence to support this. A woman”s skin elasticity and the rate at which her breasts grow will determine whether stretch marks occur.

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