Breast Enlargement: Is Bigger Better?

Breast Enlargement Manhattan Beach

Women who are deciding on breast enlargement in Manhattan Beach or Long Beach want a more attractive breast shape and the increased self assurance that brings. Often, women think of their breast enhancement goals in terms of size only, but there are actually many more considerations to take into account.

1. Establish How You Want to Look – Not How Big You Want to Be

Often, women tell me that they want “big” breasts, but once they understand their options, some of these women find that what they really want is a more proportional look, not a big breast size.

Women considering breast enlargement near Manhattan Beach and Long Beach should remember that a whole range of variables come into play when a surgeon is planning any type of breast enhancement cosmetic surgery. Two key factors that affect the apparent size of the breast:

  • Volume: The actual volume of the breast implants (in cc”s) obviously affects how “large” implants appear, but keep in mind that the apparent volume of the augmented breast will also depend partly on how wide the implant is and how far forward it projects from the chest (even moderate-volume implants with high projection can sometimes appear “large.”)
  • Placement: Implants placed just behind the breast gland sometimes can look a bit larger just because they create a more defined cleavage line and a more rounded appearance. Implants placed partially behind the chest muscle typically have a smoother curve from the chest wall to the breast mound, but can also appear large depending on implant volume and the patient”s physique.

An experienced Long Beach area plastic surgeon ought to be able to explain the reasoning behind their implant suggestions, identifying why and how physical characteristics like your height, torso width, tissue quality, and other factors influence which implant choice and surgical approach would create the shape you want.

2. Choose a Surgeon Who Will Help You Improve Your Goals

Most women coming to a Long Beach area plastic surgery consultation for the first time have some areas they need to learn more about, or are not entirely sure of what they want, and that is all right. Part of the planning process is simply figuring out what you want, and finding the surgeon who fully understands those goals and can offer the results you want in safe, effective ways.

In the end, some women will decide on a more conservative approach, while some will opt for more noticeable changes, but either way you need to be able to make that choice based on clear medical judgment and a firm focus on your goals. Take the time to review your surgical options thoroughly and find a surgeon who not only connects with you personally and understands your goals, but also has the experience to help you achieve high-quality surgical results.

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