Top 5 Characteristics of “Great” Breast Augmentation Results

Breast Enhancement in Long Island

In general, when women are looking over before and after photos of breast enhancement patients on Long Island, they can tell instinctively if something looks “right.” However, explaining why they like one result better than another is sometimes a little more difficult because most patients do not have the surgical training to see the subtle differences between “good” results and excellent ones.

Every patient’s results are – and should be – unique, but these 5 specifics should help you understand better what great, natural-looking breast augmentation results really look like.

  1. Transitions: Notice the slope from the upper chest and the side of the torso to the breast mound; ideally, it should curve smoothly. Depending on how the implant was placed and how muscular the patient is, the transition may be a little more abrupt, but for an attractive result the edges of the implants themselves should not be noticeable from the outside, and saline implants should show no visible “rippling” of the implant surface.
  2. Position of the nipple and the breast crease: It is ideal for the nipple to rest at or very slightly above the fullest part of the breast. The breast position should appear the same on both sides, and the creases below the breasts should be at the same distance below the nipple. Typically, the weight and size of the breast implant will also cause the areolas to stretch slightly, creating a better balance with the larger volume of the breast.
  3. Overall shape of the breast mound: Ideally, the well-shaped breast should appear rounded around the nipple, with very even fullness that eases off gently to match the shape of the upper chest and the sides. Natural breasts will differ from each other very slightly, as your Long Island breast enhancement results will, but you should not see significant differences in size or shape between each breast. Breast enhancement sometimes can correct problems with uneven breast volume or nipple position, but slight differences might still be visible postoperatively.
  4. Cleavage line: Properly-placed implants will allow the breasts to rest slightly apart, usually at a very slight angle away from each other rather than “pointing” directly forward or pressing too close together. However, the breasts also need to be close enough to each other that they are centered properly behind the nipple and can create a nice cleavage line in the right clothing.
  5. “Feel” of the breast: Well-chosen and well-placed breast implants on Long Island should feel soft to the touch and relatively similar to natural breast tissue, but also have a good weight and position that feels right for the patient. A good result should both look and feel soft and natural, like normal breasts, and while saline implants will typically feel slightly firmer, the thin layer of scar tissue that naturally forms around the breast implant should not be thick enough to feel.

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