Breast Enhancement after Weight Loss

Although weight loss is a great achievement, a significant loss can leave you with loose, saggy skin. We offer a range of options for breast enhancement after weight loss at South Bay Plastic Surgeons, and we customize every procedure to create beautiful, personalized results for each patient.

For women in the Long Beach area, breast enlargement is not the only option for breast enhancement after weight loss. Although augmentation is an excellent solution, breast lift surgery can also help restore the shape of breasts after weight loss. Here”s what separates the two procedures:

  • Breast augmentation uses either silicone or saline implants to replace volume and fill out the breasts. We help each patient find the perfect size and type of implant to create a beautiful yet natural looking silhouette. Other options, such as implant placement and type of incision can help individualize this procedure for women with a wide range of cosmetic needs.
  • Breast lift (mastoplexy) is an excellent option for women who don”t need to add fullness but are more concerned with restoring a youthful shape. Surgery often involves tightening skin, reshaping breast tissue and repositioning the nipples. Each procedure is adjusted to meet the patient”s particular needs.

During consultations with our team at South Bay Plastic Surgeons, many women find that combining the two procedures is the best way to create the results they desire. Combining procedures after weight loss is a great way to achieve seamless results and celebrate your new body.

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