Breast Cancer Connections

We all have things we’re proud of. For many surgeons, these things are listed on their CV (curriculum vitae or résumé) and probably include educational institutions they’ve attended or papers they’ve published. I’m no exception, as there are definitely elements of my education and training that I believe stand out on my CV. However, I’m equally proud of the volunteer work I’ve been honored to be a part of, particularly my involvement with Breast Cancer Connections here in Palo Alto.

As a plastic surgeon, my focus isn’t just on breast augmentation in San Jose. I’m also passionate about overall breast health. In fact, I was a contributor to a breast reconstruction guidebook and have spoken at many meetings of organizations such as the American Society of Breast Surgeons and at the Prevention of Breast Cancer Conference. I’ve seen breast cancer patients through every stage from diagnosis to treatment, so I recognize the need for resources and support.

I’m on the Board of Directors of Breast Cancer Connections (formerly the Community Breast Health Project), a nonprofit based in the Bay Area. All services are free of charge. Some of the services offered by this organization include:

  • Support groups
  • A buddy program
  • Research resources
  • Screening and diagnostics
  • Complementary therapies (meditation, etc.)
  • Counseling
  • Workshops
  • Resources for family members

Although I could talk at length about the specifics and history of Breast Cancer Connections, there’s a broader message I’d like to convey. Wherever you’re living, community outreach for breast cancer survivors should be available. Explore these resources so that you can be supported, educated, and make informed decisions about treatment for and recovery from breast cancer.

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