3 Questions about Breast Augmentation for Overweight Women

Breast Augmentation for Tampa Women Planning on Losing Weight

If you”re overweight, you may have heard that breast augmentation in Tampa isn”t an option for you. This isn”t necessarily true, but when women who have a high body mass index come to my cosmetic surgery offices to discuss breast implant choices, I always have a few questions I need to address before I”ll recommend performing the procedure:

How healthy are you? Lately more studies have been coming out that show that being overweight doesn”t necessarily make a person extremely unhealthy, and being at a normal weight doesn”t always mean you”re free of the kind of health problems overweight people experience. However, before I perform any surgery I have to feel completely confident that you will recover properly and your results will develop well. I might perform breast augmentation for a Tampa woman who is overweight and also exercises a few times a week and works to eat right, but it”s just not safe or sensible to perform these procedures for women who don”t take care of their bodies.

“Before I perform surgery, I have to feel completely confident that you will recover properly and your results will develop well.” –Dr. Benedetti

Is augmentation really your best choice? Sometimes women come to me to correct “flat” breasts through augmentation when the real problem isn”t a lack of breast volume – it”s the shape and orientation of the breast mound. In these cases tightening the skin and repositioning the breast tissues with a breast lift is a much better way to create what the patient really wants – a rounder, “younger,” and more defined breast shape.

What are your plans? If you”re planning to lose a lot of weight, it”s not logical or medically appropriate for you to be thinking about surgical enhancements – even liposuction and breast reduction get better results if you wait until after your weight has stabilized.

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