Breast Augmentation Sizing “Fashions”

Indianapolis breast augmentation "sizing fashions"

Recently I have seen a few news stories focusing on how preferences for breast augmentation size are changing. In Europe, for example, more women may be choosing smaller implants than they did 20 or 30 years ago.

On the surface, these kinds of changes may make it seem that plastic surgery standards for choices like implant sizing could alter according to trends, but in my experience this is not the case. Here’s why: standards for what looks natural and proportional largely stay the same over time, and whether you are receiving breast reduction, Indianapolis breast augmentation, or a nonsurgical treatment, a natural-looking objective should always be the goal.

True, for each patient there is a range of possibilities for what will look “right” for her body. Some of these choices are a little more flexible, so for example if a woman wants slightly larger breasts, there are ways to allow for higher volume while still retaining a natural shape. At the same time, even though some of these choices are up to the patient, to a large extent the patient’s own body is the “decision maker” for which implant choice looks the best, depending on factors like:

  • The width of her rib cage
  • The position of her breasts
  • The elasticity of her skin
  • The amount of existing breast tissue
  • The muscularity of her chest wall

Some aspects of cosmetic surgery definitely change as Indianapolis plastic surgeons develop new technologies and more sophisticated techniques to help patients accomplish what they want. At the same time, though, a qualified surgeon will always aim to create natural, proportional results that stand the test of time and look right for your body in the long term.

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