Breast Augmentation Recovery

Women considering breast augmentation at my Long Island practice are often very concerned about recovery time. Some surgeons downplay recovery time, but the recovery process is crucial to healing properly, and feeling and looking your best.

The first 48 hours requires most women to limit physical activity to a minimum. Although strenuous activity is limited, most surgeons recommend walking around to avoid the formation of blood clots. Aside from this, women should reduce activity for approximately one week. Swelling and soreness will begin to subside over the weeks that follow, but exercise should not be resumed until the surgeon gives the green light.

Women often take prescription medications to prevent infection and to ease the discomfort of the recovery process. Surgeons will schedule follow-up appointments to check the progress of a woman’s healing, and to recommend personalized exercises to achieve the best results.

No two bodies heal exactly the same, and recovery times will vary depending on the extent of the surgery. Consultations provide the opportune time for women to learn what to expect from recovery, and what steps they can take prior to surgery to make their healing process easier.

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