Breast Augmentation Starter Kits: Keep an Open Mind

breast augmentation in phoenix - are starter kits a good idea?

If you’ve looked at the Web sites for some of the top silicone-gel breast implant manufacturers lately, you might have noticed some implant “starter kits” for sale that include implant sizers, sample implants that give potential patients a better idea of how the implants look and feel.

On one level, these sample kits can be helpful – most breast augmentation patients from Phoenix worry over whether their implants will look or feel “fake,” but when they can actually touch and see the implants, they often feel much more reassured that these implants really look and feel very much like breast tissue.

At the same time, though, I don’t like the idea of patients coming to their breast implant sizing options without the guidance of a plastic surgeon. My main concern is that a sizer tried on by a patient in her bra does not look the same once it is placed in the breast pocket under the chest muscle. I feel that patients can fixate on a specific size without knowing what that size will actually look like once it is implanted.

At my office, rather than having a patient settle on a specific shape or volume she wants before surgery, I’ll spend a lot of time talking with her in detail to understand what her aesthetic goals are for surgery. I will also have her look through my many pre- and post-operative photos to find what proportion she finds most pleasing, and evaluate her overall figure to determine whether combined procedures like liposuction or Scottsdale tummy tuck can influence implant choice.

I always tell patients not to worry too much about the implant numbers or bra letters- just show me a picture of what you like and I will use the best shape and size implant to achieve your goals. I use sterile sizers during every breast augmentation to see exactly what different implant shapes and sizes look like in each individual before I open the permanent implants. I believe this allows me to achieve the most beautiful and tailored result for all of my patients.

Bottom line: Resources like these implant kits can help you familiarize yourself with your choices better, but be aware of their limitations and keep an open mind. The quality of your “whole” result is much more important than getting “stuck” on one feature of your implants.

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