“My Breast Augmentation Experience” Stories – Who to Trust?

breast augmentation stories from Indianapolis, IN women

People who are considering plastic surgery like breast reduction or augmentation in Indianapolis can find plenty of information online to help them choose a surgeon, but some of it is less reliable than others. Forums and surgeon “rating” sites can definitely be helpful, and many of my own patients have come to me partly because of this type of positive feedback, but patients need to be wise about who they trust on these sites.

A few typical “problem personalities” to watch out for:

  • The impulse shopper: Rave reviews seem like a sure sign of a great surgeon, but unfortunately, many patients out there fail to research their options or their surgeon properly beforehand. Some may think poor results are great simply because they never bothered to look at before and after photos of other patients’ results, and some may be unhappy even with beautiful outcomes because they failed to take the time to make sure they held realistic, healthy expectations beforehand.What to notice: More reliable patients will be able to describe the time and effort that went into their choice; someone who never met with another plastic surgeon or who admits they should have done their homework better beforehand is clearly less reliable.
  • The drama queen (or king): Plastic surgery can be a life-changing experience, so the vast majority of my breast augmentation patients in Indianapolis remember their procedure and recovery clearly, and are more than happy to describe their experience and results in detail. For some plastic surgery patients, though, hindsight or other factors can drastically color their experience.What to notice: Watch out for patients who seem very high-strung or who have run through a high number of surgeons. A less-favorable result or uncomfortable recovery is definitely worth knowing about, but try to weigh each patient’s perspective against others’ and pay attention to who seems better informed. Someone who demonstrates healthy expectations for their results and who can articulate their goals and outcomes in specific details is generally more trustworthy.

While past-patient testimonials and interactions can be a huge help to give you a better idea of what to expect from your Indianapolis plastic surgeon, it’s important to weigh the source carefully. Be sure to spend plenty of time doing your own research and meeting with different surgeons individually so that you can see the “whole picture” of your procedure and base your choices on accurate, helpful information rather than on one good or bad review.

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