Breast Augmentation Consult: 5 Questions You Need to Ask

Going to a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss getting breast implants is likely to cause some anxiety. That’s completely normal. I encourage women coming in to discuss breast augmentation at my Tucson practice to write down a list of questions or concerns to bring with them. Besides talking about the style and size of implants, here are some questions you should be sure your plastic surgeon answers before you leave the consultation:

  • What will the procedure cost? This should include all related fees, including paying for surgical facility time and a board-certified anesthesiologist. Also, most plastic surgeons offer ways to finance the procedure.
  • How many breast implant surgeries do you perform each month? There is no magic number, but it’s important to choose a surgeon experienced in breast augmentation procedures.
  • How long will my recovery take? While each woman’s recovery will vary, you should get an estimate of how long you should take off work and know what to expect regarding physical limitations.
  • What are the possible risks of getting breast implants? Fortunately, serious complications are rare following breast augmentation surgery, but your surgeon should be clear about the risks and possible symptoms to look for.
  • What should I do to prepare for breast augmentation surgery? You should find out if there are certain lifestyle changes that will help prepare you for surgery, such as stopping smoking. It’s also a good time to ask about what impact any regular medication you’re taking will have on the anesthesia or results.

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