Great Breast Enhancement Results: 2 Steps to Define Healthy Goals

Breast Augmentation for Indianapolis Women

Everyone wants to avoid an “unnatural” looking breast augmentation or reduction, and healthy, reasonable goals are a key part of planning for results that look right. In this week’s post I’ll outline two steps to help you develop the goals you want to address in your consultation – and, hopefully, communicate with your surgeon more effectively.

1) Understand your own “ideal”

Sometimes, I think breast reduction and breast augmentation patients in Indianapolis can make the mistake of jumping into the “what” and “how” of their surgery before they take the time to think about their own standards for beauty and develop reasonable priorities for the changes they really care about.

Many patients find it helpful to talk with other women about what they like and dislike about their own breasts, so that they can understand their own priorities better, but you should also take some time to think carefully about your own “ideal.”

When you evaluate your breasts, consider:

  • Roundness
  • Projection (the distance the breast extends forward from your ribs)
  • Position
  • Volume
  • Nipple and areola appearance (note the shape and position)
  • Firmness and skin quality

Some procedures, like combined breast augmentation and breast lift in Indianapolis, tend to address all of these areas at the same time, but your consultation will accomplish more for you and your surgeon if you can describe your goals in specific terms.

2) Keep your expectations reasonable

It is normal for patients to rework their goals a bit when they meet with their surgeon and understand their procedure better, so the more receptive and focused you are, the better you will be able to set realistic goals and plan for results you will be happy about.

When you think about what you want your procedure to accomplish, a natural and more confident look is probably the top priority, but these characteristics are difficult to translate into milestones you can see and appreciate. Think about how you expect your new shape to influence:

  • Everyday activities like wearing clothes you enjoy or feeling comfortable with how you look in a bikini
  • Self-confidence in social situations, at work, or with your spouse
  • Measurable, procedure-specific improvements like diminished back pain (from breast reduction in Indianapolis) or perkier breasts (from a breast lift)

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